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Here is an honest conversation between two deeply committed men of faith, an Evangelical pastor and a Catholic priest, about their shared faith in Jesus Christ. I recommend this resource to all who are interested in Christian unity, in keeping with a prayer of Jesus himself that his disciples be one as he and the Father are one, so that the world may believe.

Timothy George, Dean
Beeson Divinity School
Christianity Today, Senior Editor

An astonishingly honest, lucid, and winsome conversation about what unites and divides Catholics and Protestants. Father Riccardo and Pastor Andrews exemplify the kind of encounter made possible and necessary by the fact that we are, in the words of "Evangelicals and Catholics Together," 'brothers and sisters in Christ.'

Rev. Richard John Neuhaus
Editor in Chief, First Things

The fact that a prominent Evangelical admits that Protestants have long misunderstood a range of key Catholic teachings is noteworthy. The fact that a Protestant church has produced this barrier-breaking interview is astonishing.

Tom Allen
Editor & President

This is a great tool for the Kingdom of God. It can bring peace to the body of Christ in a beautiful way. Every Evangelical pastor needs to see this DVD. I do not have the words to say how important this is.

Rev. Martin Lombardo
Evangelical Missionary to the Vatican
Jesus Cares Ministries

Greetings to you! Please convey my email to the respective people in your organisation. I have just watched the interview between Father John Riccardo and Pastor Steve Anderson on TBN via Satellite in Australia and was transfixed with the program. The wonderful unity of spirit between both these humble servants of the Lord had me in tears of joy one moment and soaring to greater heights with personal challenges in Him the next. Thank you for this refreshing, enlightening and invigorating program.

Rev Wayne F Magee DipMin, President
The Church of the Foursquare Gospel

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