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That they may be one as we are one...so the world will know that You sent me. (John 17)

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A BREAKTHROUGH DIALOGUE "Common Ground: What Protestants and Catholics Can Learn From Each Other" is the name of the dialogue (DVD, Book, & Study Guide) that resulted when a Protestant Pastor sat down with a Catholic priest and started asking questions about what Catholics believed and their common ground with Protestants.

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Not a debate, the revealing conversation between two leaders of large churches has created a following of thousands around the world of both Protestants and Catholics. The attraction is the objective, rationale, and graceful role modeling that these two men demonstrate in their attempt to discover the great common ground between their two faith traditions. Absent are the misunderstandings, misrepresentatons and fallacious language that so often surrounds such covnersations. Both Catholic and Protestant theologians have endorsed it. Read more under the BACKGROUND STORY link at the left.


"We bought 20 of the DVDs, gave them all away, and no one will give them back. I need another one." (W.P.)

"Common Ground" is our best selling product family. It consists of a DVD, a Study Guide, and a Book that contains the transcript of the DVD and the contents of the Study Guide. Together they make a great resoruce for parish Bible studies and religious education at all levels. The Book and the Study Guide are priced and positioned for use in small and large groups. SEE THE LINKS at left for information about each item.


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