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The DVD, Study Guide, and Book, are excellent resources for multiple weeks of teen or adult religious education or personal study. They are being used around the world in Protestant and Catholic parishes, schools, homes, and prisons.

English, B&W, Looseleaf
Cardboard Backed, Shrink Wrapped

Study Guide
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The Common Ground Study Guide (written by Dave Armstrong) is a 61 page, 8.5" x 11" loose leaf, document designed for relgious education. It is printed on one side only for ease of copying. The guide consistes of 26 sections that correlate with the 26 chapters on the DVD. Each section asks questions of the student that requires them to recall information from the presentation, or to look up information in the Bible, the Catholic Catechism, or other reference material typically available on the Internet. Spaced lines are provided for the students to write in their answers.

The back 40 pages of the document consists of an extensive answer and discussion guide where each question is thoroughly answered. Instructors may choose to hand out copies of the front question section and hold back the answer section.

Once you have a copy of the study guide you have permission to make as many copies as you need for instructional purposes. If you have 30 students, make 30 copies. You do not have permission to sell the Study Guide.

The Study Giude is available two ways:

  1. As a hardcopy that you can purchase, or
  2. As part of the Common Ground Book, but without the extra space to write down answers. (see the BOOK INFO link at left)

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