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We bought 20 of the DVDs, gave them all away, and no one will give them back. I need another one. (W.P.)

There are two major reasons why I think this video is so valuable. First it is an instrumental learning tool to dialogue and evangelize our Catholic and non-Catholic brothers and sisters. Secondly , as a Catholic growing-up , I personally never experienced any contact with people of other faiths. This DVD give me a clearer prospective that Christians from other faiths, are also striving to follow the Lord. and are great witnesses to the Holy Spirit. I have so far purchased six DVD's. (Angelina M.)

"Common Ground" is one of the most unusual apologetics videos on the market today. Every Christian should watch this video. I would never hesitate to recommend it. (L.C.)

An answer to prayer. (J.O.)

This program is not only great for understanding what we can learn from each other, but is a great tool for Catholics who want to have a better understanding of their own faith. (P.B.)

"Common Ground" brought tears to my eyes because two real Christian brothers were sincerely LISTENING to each other with great respect and mutual consideration. (M.B.)

A cradle Catholic, I fell away from the faith, explored other religions, and finally found a church I was comfortable in. Although I was happy with the people and the pastor, I still felt that something was missing. However, my feelings about the Catholic Church were less than stellar. One day I stumbled on a showing of "Common Ground" on TBN and learned more about my Catholic faith in the 45 minutes left of the show than I had in my upbringing through CCD. I ordered the DVD, and thanks be to God, I have returned home to the Catholic Church and Fr. John Riccardo is our pastor now. (P.M.)

"Common Ground" was a great asset to our Christian military fellowship. The fellowship is made up of Pentecostals, Baptists and Anglicans. It was a blessed time and cleared up many misconceptions. May His name be praised. (RDW - Australia)

The "Common Ground" series, (DVD and study guide,) has proved invaluable in sharing the beauty and joy of my Catholic faith with my Protestant and Evangelical friends. Things that I could perhaps not articulate as well as I would like are so graciously, charitably, and intelligently offered by this program. (M.T.K.)

"Common Ground" is very moving and inspiring. (D.M.L.)

The DVD with a mixed denominational group of Christians, and it was the entree to much productive dialogue, and primarily cleared up a lot of misconceptions that Christians have about each other. This is a must watch program, and must read book. (M.T.K.)

Remembering our baptismal solidarity is critical to any effective dialogue within the Christian family. Father John Riccardo and Pastor Steve Andrews demonstrate the power and presence of Christ. (C.C.S.)

"Common Ground" was a big positive surprise, overcoming my expectation about its contents. It is a good example of understanding and real willingness of reaching together what unites Catholics and Protestants. It shows what good faith and spiritual honesty can do to make us understand what really matters in life - to listen to the Word of God and put it in practice. (J.N.A. - Portugal)

"Common Ground" represents an open dialogue that is both respectful and insightful. It is a sharing in the love we should have for one another as brothers in Christ. We have much to learn from each other. (J.B.)

There are many interdenominational marriages (Catholic-Protestant) in our charismatic community. The "Common Ground" DVD has been an excellent resource for those ‘mixed' families, whereby the non-Catholic members (particularly the teen-age children) can gain a better understanding of the faith of their Catholic family members. (T.R.)

A positive step in the unification of the Body. Instead of being one body, we look like an octopus with it's tentacles going in different directions yet connect by one head; Christ. (V.W.C.)

Probably the one most compelling piece of ecumenical dialogue I have come across. If nothing else, it is at least a bridge of these two expressions of the Christian faith that should work towards bringing them together. I absolutely love this DVD. (C.J.)

The program was fascinating. I like the idea of finding the things that we believe alike. Christians need to come together in unity under Christ through out the world. (P.M.G.)

I saw one or two episodes of this program on TV in my country and I found them very informative and revealing." (R.J.M.D. - The Philippines)

Here in our ecumenical covenant community (Australia) the "Common Ground" video is well loved. It is unitive rather than divisive. It encourages spiritual growth rather than just looking at the lowest common denominator. Also a wonderful aid to those Catholics who do not really know their faith. (D.F.)

Excellent dialog. Great reference for "quiet" Catholics who do not know how to reply to Evangelical Christians. (J.R.C.)

What a difference it would make in our world if everyone could see this DVD! I have been a guest in Protestant churches where the pastor's remarks about Catholicism were completely false. I wish all pastors and their congregations could witness the love and respect that Pastors John and Steve have for each other, in spite of their different beliefs. I would highly recommend this to anyone. (D.M.L.)

"Common Ground" is a winsome evangelism tool to get Catholics and others talking about faith in Jesus Christ. It is part of the answer to Jesus' prayer in John 17, "that they may all be that the world may believe that Thou hast sent me." (P.G.)

I think it is wonderful. I am a Catholic and have a number of Protestant friends. We may go to different churches, but we know that we are sisters and brothers in Christ. This program expresses so much of what I believe we all need to remember - that we all adore the same God and believe that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. (G.Y.)

Inspirational. Gives hope to all Christians that unity is totally possible. (S.T. - Australia)

A "CLASSIC" and so very well done. A "MUST SEE" (R.P.)

I can't tell you how thankful I am for this program. My daughters would not discuss Catholicism with us. But then they saw the Common Ground DVD, AT the Kensington Church where the one was attending. Both of them and their husbands came back to the Church and we're reunited again. Amazing. (A Thankful Dad and Mum)

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