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Ray Guarendi, Ph.D.
Complete Mariage, Parenting & Catholic Library (scroll down)

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Why Be Catholic? - Catholic Dads Aren't Wimps - DVD
2 Programs on DVD, 85 min., English Subtitles, as aired on EWTN

Dr. Ray Guarendi relates the story of his conversion back to Catholicism after years as an Evangelical Protestant. His arguments for Catholicism are logical, scientific, and entertaining, striking a chord with so many of those seeking a chat that just "makes sense." With Dr. Ray by your side, you will golf with Jesus and Moses and discover the molecular structure of a quarter, all in ways that relate splendidly to Catholic Teaching. This fantastic DVD is well worth purchasing! For more information on the 30 page Study Guide/Workbook click on image at left, the "Books and Guides" tab at the top of the page, or purchase immediately below with the DVD.
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What Catholics Really Believe (Dr. Ray & Fr. Kevin Fete)
DVD / Book / Study Guide
DVD: 13 Episodes, Over 6 Hours of instructional dialogue; as aired on EWTN.

Book: 310 pages, Full Color Illustrations, Theologically Approved, Flex-Binding.

Study Guide: 113 pages, B&W Loose Leaf, Permission to copy for classes.

A fabulously insightful, illuminating, and, at times, entertaining dialogue between Dr. Ray Guarendi and Reverend Kevin Fete as they explore the common misunderstandings of Catholicism. Theologically Approved.

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"This is one of Dr. Ray's best books. I guarantee it will help your marriage and other relationships, or your money back. It's helped our marriage. It's simple to understand and easy to implement... although nothing good is ever perfectly easy." (Stan Williams, Nineveh's Crossing owner)

MARRIAGE: Small Steps, Big Rewards! - Book and CD
"The secret of a good marriage, for the most part, is that there are no secrets, only commonsense, time-tested ideas practiced by countless others who have done it well." (from the Introduction)

Marriage expert Dr. Ray Guarendi has counseled enough couples to know that building a better relationship with your spouse doesn't mean learning exotic new communication techniques or rearranging your lifestyle. In fact, a few of his ten "small steps" are lessons you learned in grade school. Here are the chapter titles:

  • Say "I'm Sorry"
  • Don't Say it
  • Listen a Minute
  • Ask a Few Questions
  • Accept It
  • Dump the "D" Word
  • Use Your Manners
  • Protect
  • Make a List
  • Add a Touch
  • "I Don't Want To"
  • The Ladder
Plus, with his "resistance rationales," Dr. Ray helps you overcome any reluctance you might feel to taking these small steps. Filled with straightforward advice, this book reminds you that a happier, more rewarding marriage is just a few small steps away.

Audio: Dr. Ray reads unabridged on CD.

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You're a Better Parent Than You Think! - DVD
DVD Presentation, 95 min. of pure parenting fun

Dr. Ray Guarendi, nationally esteemed child psychologist and author at his very best... and funniest. Great advice on loving discipline from the father of ten adopted kids of great character. Appearing before a standing room only crowd, Dr. Ray delivers a non-stop 90 min. presentation about raising kids that will have you actually believing that you too can be a better parent, even as you roll on the floor with laughter. Those of us at SWC Films who have worked on this project find it continually fresh and enjoyable.
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Raising Kids Right Audio MP3/CD Series
12, Programs on 1 Audio MP3/CD-ROM

This is the practical and helpful audio series featuring Dr. Ray, who is interviewed by popular radio host Jerry Usher, about the most important things a parent should know. The programs include:
  1. Giving Parenting Back to Parents (26:30) MP3 Sample
  2. Myths of Parenthood (27:27) MP3 Sample
  3. What is Normal? (27:03)
  4. Raising Moral Children (26:20)
  5. Making Discipline Work - Part 1 (26:23) FREE EPISODE
  6. Making Discipline Work - Part 2 (27:11)
  7. Making Discipline Work - Part 3 (27:15)
  8. Specific Discipline Problems (26:12)
  9. Spanking (26:36)
  10. Adoption (26:55)
  11. Back to the Family - Part 1 (26:52)
  12. Back to the Family - Part 2 (27:50)
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BOOK or CD read by the author available.
Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime - BOOK or CD
Dr. Ray bypasses the psychobabble and answers your frequently asked questions about raising children. This is the best gift you can give your kids. Packed with humor and plenty of real life ideas, this book will improve your self-confidence, authority and peace of mind as a parent. Shunning psychobabble and psychological correctness, it's goal is to put the grown up in the family in charge. And when parents rule with love and discipline, children benefit in ways that last a lifetime.

Dr. Ray says: "You'll probably notice some common themes running through my answers.

  • First, you know what's best for your child.
  • Second, authority is not a bad word.
  • Third, discipline, by and large, is not complicated. Good ideas for administering discipline are straightforward and easy for you to use. Similar techniques can work for a wide range of problems.
  • Finally, and most important, parenthood is God-designed to be enjoyed. So let's lighten up, laugh more and love our children enough to do what's best for them - and for us, too."
Author, counselor, broadcaster and dad of 10 adopted kids, Dr. Ray Guardendi offers parents practical advice about disciplining children to form their children's character and to teach the basics of living, moral responsibility, and respect.

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Adoption - Book
182 page book, Straight Answers to Heartfelt Questions

Dr. Ray, husband and father of ten adopted children, considers the most commonly asked adoption questions with insight, humor and a heart for the adoptive family. His aim? to dispel unsettling misperceptions about adoption, to encourage others to think about and act on adoption, and to guide adoptive parents to a more realized, rewarding family life for all involved. This is a must-have resource for those considering adoption, those who have already adopted and those in the mix as family members or friends of adoptive parents. Buy it for someone you know who is considering adoption or has already make this loving decision. Contains a helpful topic index.

TABLE OF CONTENTS: 1.Partly Personal - 2.Advice Worth Ignoring - 3.Special Effects - 3.Assorted Anxieties - 4.Resistance from Others - 5.Communication - 6.Self-Image: Myths and Truths - 7.Discipline Basics - 8.Options

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Book or CD read by the author available.
Good Discipline, Great Teens - Book and CD
Available: 167 page book or 6 CD. Read by Dr. Ray.

With wit and wisdom, Dr. Ray Guarendi gives parents the tools they need not only to navigate the teen years but also to enjoy them. Teens are "full of life, enthusiasm, energy, and laughter," Dr. Ray says, although our culture primes us to expect a far darker reality. Discussed here are issues ranging from curfew to drugs to respect to backtalk, equipping parents to give their teens a safer, more stable adolescence, and character and virtues for a lifetime.
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You're a Better Parent Than You Think - Book
241 pages, Paperback, Index

This is the original Dr. Ray book on parenting, and what a good one it is. Packed full of great advice and humor. This book will give you more confidence, peace of mind and authority as a parent. It will help rid your self of needless guilt, worry and frustration. You'll come to see how you are indeed a better parent than you think. Chapters include:
  1. The Child-Raisers: The Media, the Experts, and Everyone Else
  2. A Collective Mythology of Parenthood
  3. Personality: Remembered Myths and Forgotten Realities
  4. In My Child Normal?
  5. How to Talk Yourself Out of Authority
  6. Surrendering Authority: A Parent's Handbook
  7. Reacting to Discipline: A Child's Handbook
  8. Six Tested Ways to Drive Yourself Batty
  9. The Oldest, and Hardest Profession
  10. Seven Principles of Composed Parenting
  11. How the Story Ended
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About Dr. Ray
The Parenting Psychologist Who Knows the Best Discipline
Dr. Raymond Guarendi is a father of ten (yeah, he's surprised too!), clinical psychologist, author, public speaker and radio host. Due to the difficulty in pronouncing his own name, this fellow goes by "Dr. Ray" by both his clients and everyone else.

Dr. Ray's experience includes school districts, Head Start programs, mental health centers, substance abuse programs, inpatient psychiatric centers, juvenile courts, and a private practice.

He is one of the most effective speakers ever seen in the past few years. If you want to enjoy, learn and laugh while getting a better "handle" on your role as a parent, teacher, or Catholic, take advantage of the products below.

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