The Logic Case For CATHOLICISM A WEB SERIES Watch the Trailer Below IS RELIGION AN INVENTION of human imagination? Did Christianity begin as a sophisticated propaganda scheme fabricated by the Romans to pacify the poor? Is Catholicism an irrational cult led by tyrannical despots with a fancy for robes and bling? Does the Christian Bible make any sense at all or is it just a collection of strange myths? In this web series, Dr. Stan Williams debunks all the crazy theories about Christianity and Catholicism by simply revealing the incredible logic and coincidence Christianity has with Natural Law. His systematic presentation, rich with colorful graphics and videos, clearly explains the logical and rational case for the trustworthiness of the Bible, Christianity and Roman Catholicism....which was started by Jesus Christ, by the way, and not a Caesar or Constantine. CONTENT OUTLINE /TRACKS (2 hr 47 min) Suitable for home, school and parish education. Suggested ages: 12-adult.

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1. LOGIC TERMS (Define Terms) (37 min.) Logos Argument Opinion Validity Fallacy 2 & 3. NATURAL LAW (Logic’s Best Friend) (37) Physical Psychological NATURAL LAW (Logical Short Cuts) Biblical Precepts Catholic Precepts Social Research 4.LAW AND ORDER (Logic’s Best Evidence) (32) Logical Order Human Genome Free Will 5. LOGICAL CONTRADICTIONS (Logic’s Demise Pt 1) (21) Contradiction vs. Paradox The Dominant Contradiction 6. TWO LOGICAL FALLACIES (Logic’s Demise Pt 2) (14) Equivocation Difvocation (Distinction w/o a Difference) 7. FOUR ESSENTIALS OF A GOOD ARGUMENT (Logic’s Solution) (27) Relevancy Acceptability Sufficient Rebuttal Proof 8. TRAILER (4) Watch the Trailer

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