Searching for a Reasonable Faith in the
Heartland of America
A MEMOIR Confused by the multitude of Christian denominations, each claiming to be the caretaker of truth yet each disagreeing with the others, Stan Williams takes us on a fascinating, odd, and sometimes humorous journey of faith from his ancestor's Evangelical Protestantism to the last thing he could ever imagine--Roman Catholicism. From a little boy seeking adventure, to a denomination-hopping man crisscrossing America's Christian landscape, Stan entertains and challenge us with over a 100 stories of his intrepid journey as he searched for a spiritual home that embraced both the faith of his fathers and the reason of natural law.

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Here are a couple of "scenes" from the book. Stuff like this really happened growing up Christian in America.

Review from GARY MICHUTA

author of Why Catholic Bibles are Bigger

and The Case for the Deuterocanon

"Master storyteller Stan Williams raises the genre of conversion stories to the level of an epic. Growing Up Christian's rapid-fire chapters provides entertaining and insightful vignettes into growing up as a Protestant in the 1950s, the unfolding of his vocation to story writing and filmmaking, and his eventual entry into the Catholic Church. Intermixed with humorous anecdotes and comments, Stan gives the reader a front row seat to the intellectual and emotional struggles that eventually led him to discover that Protestantism just isn't workable, and that the last thing on earth he'd ever regard as a viable alternative, the Catholic Church, had the answers he was looking for. I highly recommend Growing Up Christian to Catholics and non-Catholics alike. It's a fascinating page turner, an epic adventure, and a conversion story on steroids...all wrapped up into one."

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