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Product Code: RG1-DVD
You're a Better Parent Than You Think!
95 minutes - DVD

Dr. Ray Guarendi, nationally esteemed child psychologist and author at his very best... and funniest. Appearing before a standing room only crowd, Dr. Ray delivers a non-stop 90 min. presentation about raising kids that will have you actually believing that you too can be a better parent, even as you roll on the floor with laughter.

We've even added complete English Subtitles that can be turned on by simply toggling the Subtitle button on your DVD remote. Dr. Ray's jokes go by so fast, you'll need the subtitles to get everything. And luckily, there's a STILL button on your remote, too. Believe us... you'll need both. Ha!

Witty and logical, the You’re a Better Parent Than You Think! Guide to the Fifty of the Most Frustrating Discipline Problems will have you laughing and examining your own parenting issues.  Dr. Ray takes 50 commonly asked questions by parents and presents common sense techniques to solve the most daunting parental challenges.  This series of questions and answers, constructed from articles written by Dr. Ray, will surely touch you and help you in your own parenting journey.  Stand strong, and be the parent that God designed you to be!

Those of us at SWC Films who have worked on this project still have not tired of this program. It's still fresh and enjoyable.

Topics include:

  • Out to Dinner
  • Becoming Your Parent
  • The Difference Between Girls and Boys
  • There's Still Time to Rename Her Christine
  • Initials After Their names
  • Syndromes
  • You're Bigger Than They Are
As funny as it is, Dr. Ray will leave you with nine important lessons:
  • Discipline is love in action
  • Good discipline is grounded in good sense
  • Good parents make mistakes (lots of them) and learn from them
  • Strong discipline isn't complicated
  • Discipline is action - not talk
  • All discipline interacts with a one-of-a-kind object -- a child
  • Kids are built to misbehave
  • Humans resist discipline -- some a little, some a lot
  • Good parents are misunderstood. Really good parents are really misunderstood.
A great gift to parents with small and big kids. Cheap family training, and great entertainment.

Directed by Stan Williams
Produced by

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Quality Entertainment and Education
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40% OFF - $11.99

40% OFF - $11.99

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