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Lino Rulli
The Catholic Guy's funny, feeble attempts to be a faithful Catholic
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  • Paperback Book
  • 182 pages
  • Size: 5.5 x 8.5 inches

It was late (about midnight) and I had just finished a big project. I was having trouble sleeping. So I got up about 1 AM and went to my reading pile (which is always huge) and looked for something mediocre that would quickly bore me to sleep. It works 99% of the time. Reading after midnight is a great sedative. Well, I made a mistake.

I picked up the comp copy of Lino Rulli's SINNER that had arrived earlier that day from the publisher. I know Lino and wondered how his humor would translate to print. It works great on TV. I'm a fan of his Generation Cross videos. But could he write? The prospects I thought were doubtful, although there are some good editors out there. I sat in my comfry deeply padded leather chair (left over from a Ralph Martin TV show I directed) and started reading. I can't tell you how "disappointed" I was. I was not going to sleep. I was waking up. This is not what's suppose to happen.

At 2 AM I gave up, went to the kitchen and cooked up a 1/2-pound burger with cheese -- ate it -- and chased it with a glass of milk. (I'm now Jewish.) THAT would put me in slumberland, I figured. Never was I so wrong. I kept reading SINNER, laughing, groaning, wincing, crying (for various reasons), and finishing the dang book at 5:30 AM. Finally sleep came around 6 AM, just at the moment my wife's alarm shook the room. Dang! Not again. Thanks a lot Lino. You ruined a perfectly good night (!?) with a great read. So, we'll sell it at Nineveh's Crossing. But I'm discounting it becasue I don't think my regular cusotmers have ever heard of Lino... and discounted items, if people buy them, can't be returned. (If you're taking me seriously about this, then you don't know how Lino affects people.)
(Stan Williams, Owner, Nineveh's Crossing.)

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To Order BOOK (Code LR1-BK)
50% Discount - Price: $9.50
To Order CD read by Lino
Click the BUY HERE button at right.

Lino Rulli has a style and personality not typically found in the world of religious media. In this fast and funny collection of stories from his own life, The Catholic Guy speaks honestly about his failures, successes, and embarrassing moments. His "regular guy" approach to Catholicism is both humble and hilarious.

Lino's book is insightful, funny, and entertaining. He may even get a sinner like me to believe! (Gary Dell-Abate, Executive Producer The Howard Stern Show.)

Lino Rulli shamelessly bares his soul in this wacky, winsome narrative of his path from organ-grinder's monkey to Emmy-award-winning media man. From laugh-out-loud descriptions to well-placed, entirely sincere nuggets of spiritual wisdom, Rulli disarms us as the world's most unlikely Catholic evangelist. Quirky, charming, shyly pious, yet never pietistic, Rulli edifies as he entertains. Get ready for something like Saint Augustine's Confessions meets Mad magazine! (Thomas D. Williams, l.c., theologian, author, and Vatican analyst for CBS News)

Chapter Titles
1 Monkey Boy
2 Cave Girl
3 Late Show Without Lino Rulli
4 Robert Johnson
5 Adventures in Confession: Part 1
6 To None of the Girls I've Loved Before
7 Brother Lino
8 Mom
9 Stargazing
10 Thai Temptation
11 Goob
12 Adventures in Confession: Part 2
13 Roommates
14 Wet Behind the Ears
15 Turn and Cough
16 Mrs. Lino Rulli
17 Never Been to a Turkish Prison
18 Big & Tall
19 Adventures in Confession: Part 3
20 King of All Catholic Media
21 Theology of the Italian Body
22 The Wrestler
23 Progress with Pants
24 The Pope and I
25 Brace Yourself
26 Golden Idols

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