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  1. Behavior Modificationary Blues (3:41) MP3 Sample
  2. Our Love Is Forever (5:58) MP3 Sample
  3. Double Dog Dare (3:29) MP3 Sample
  4. Pachelbel Bedtime (3:18) MP3 Sample
  5. In My Dreams (3:18) MP3 Sample
  6. Spoiled Bumblebee (1:51) MP3 Sample
  7. Heelies (2:57) MP3 Sample
  8. Walkin' Daddy Blues (3:15) MP3 Sample
  9. Sabre Dance Morning (2:30) MP3 Sample
  10. Your Eyes (3:37) MP3 Sample
  11. I'm Travelin' On (3:09) MP3 Sample


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David is an singer-songwriter treasure whose humorous songs are a mellow blend of down-home folk, whimsey and romance, with touches of blues, classical and country. Think Glen Campbell and Allan Sherman. Fans claim his songs are sweet and pure like the smell of fabric softener expelled from a clothes dryer on a hot summer day. Other times they sound like a seal barking for help on a mid-summer glacier flow with several hungry polar bears closing in. Whatever you want to call it, his witty and endearing lyrics are matched only by melodies that lodge in your brain like cotton candy that sticks to the roof of your mouth.

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